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Dealing with positive or suspected cases –Updated Advice for GAA Clubs*

Monday 13th July 2020

Dealing with positive or suspected cases –Updated Advice for GAA Clubs


If a player, match or team official displays positive symptoms he/she should refrain from further activities until the following steps have been undertaken:











alt text





Individual with symptoms contacts GP – who arranges triage and testing if required








Positive Test


Negative Test










alt text


NO FURTHER ACTION (Player should be symptom free for 48 hours before returning to activity)








Contact tracing takes place by public health authorities who will determine who are close or casual contacts











alt text











Players/backroom personnel follow advice of Public Health if they fall into one of the below categories









alt text




alt text









Close Contact


Casual Contact

Will be Tested

Will undergo active follow up from Public Health

Should be contacted every day

Telephone GP immediately if unwell

Don’t leave home unless necessary

Avoid Travel (within or outside of Ireland)

GAA INVOLVEMENT – None until medical assessment and clearance to return


Passive Follow Up for 14 days

Will be advised about their risk

Should ring GP immediately if any symptoms develop




GAA INVOLVEMENT – As normal as long as symptom free








*This advice is subject to amendment pending the overall guidance document on Return to Sport Activities for Adults by the HPSC/HSE in the 26 Counties and any guidelines that may be issued by the Department of Health and Social Care in the 6 Counties